Let’s hope I don’t regret this one!


Earth Resources 

6.9 The student will investigate and understand public policy decisions relating to the

environment. Key concepts include

a) management of renewable resources;

b) management of nonrenewable resources;

c) the mitigation of land-use and environmental hazards through preventive

measures; and

d) cost/benefit tradeoffs in conservation policies.

Students can complete research into various renewable resources.  As part of the research, students will need to critique the information and the source of the information; this is important because it requires a higher level of learning than just Google-ing solar energy and copying and pasting the information that they find.

Students can then use their research to create various projects about renewable resources.  They can use Glogster to create digital posters about how to advocate for renewable resources.  Students who love music can write a song or rap; students can create games (either computer or board).  It would also be really interesting if students created an interactive map where you can click on a certain area and learn about the renewable resource that is present there.

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  1. This sounds challenging and exciting. I wonder if the student’s could work on a real-life problem like the students in the 21st century video. They could meet with someone from the Transfer Station where garbage is dumped and things are recycled and find out if there is a problem to work on. Or they could meet with someone from the water treatment plant.

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