My Quest to be Techie-er than a Fifth Grader


The video “Digital Media* New Learners of the 21st Century” was inspiring and yet so overwhelming.  I kept thinking that I am one of those dreaded teachers stuck in the past; I have never owned a Playstation or Ninetendo or Gameboy, can I really be expected to guide my students to create their own game?!  This course couldn’t come at a better time…

The Quest 2 Learn school in Manhattan is so amazing.  What kid wouldn’t want to go this school?  I hated when I studied Aesop’s Fables.  But I probably would have enjoyed it a little more if I had to make a game about one of the fables.  One of the teachers commented on how students gain a better understanding of the fables in their ability to make a game.  In order to create a complex game about a fable, you break it down into smaller pieces.   I may have enjoyed The Boy Who Cried Wolf more if I could create a scene where a lonely boy calls “wolf” just to have the village people come out to join him.

I loved how one of the teachers called it “stealth learning.”  Students are going to have way more fun by playing arcade games about division than completing a division worksheet.  Students may be learning the same material but when they are having fun, they are going to want to continue that activity.  Who ever asks for more worksheets to complete?  When it looks fun, students will want to continue it.  Videos and games attract students so we need to let students learn through videos and games.  I can’t wait to add all of this to my toolbox.

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