Still a “Reluctant” Student


The article, “Giving Reluctant Students a Voice” struck many chords with me.   I identify as that “reluctant” student.  I have always been one who answers questions to myself and does not share my thoughts or answers to the class.  I am a fairly shy person and I worry that I may not say the correct things, I may not word my thoughts correctly (the rumors are true: pregnancy brain warps itself into mommy brain), or I may be totally wrong.  I have been this way since I can always remember.

I took an online class at NOVA and one of the requirements was to participate in discussions on Blackboard.  We had to answer questions from the professor and also respond to classmates’ answers.  I loved it.  While I did not have the anonymity that students in this article had, having the opportunity to take my time in phrasing the best answer or response was something that I appreciated.  It made me more comfortable as I wasn’t put on the spot.

As a future elementary teacher, I wonder how I can use this in the classroom.  At what age can I ask my students’ to blog?  What if parents refuse to allow their students to blog?  Do I make the students anonymous or use their names?  Besides, there isn’t a guarantee that each student will have access to computers at home.  So how will I get around that problem?  Whatever the solution, I always promised myself that I would never be that teacher who requires my students to speak a certain number of times during class.  Yes, I’m talking to you, Dr. Wolfe…

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