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I’ve finally finished my flipped lesson.  I had a lot of fun making it but I didn’t sit down and think it entirely through before I started making the flipped lesson.  This was really unlike me and I was really kicking myself the further that I got into the project.  I wanted to include some factors that would make my lesson a little more intriguing to sixth graders.  There’s a clip of Psy’s “Gangham Style,” some pictures that I think are funny, and hyperlinks to YouTube videos so that students can learn a little bit more about renewable resources.  I created the lesson in power point.

So then I open iMovie and I get ready to import the presentation when I realized that I would lose Psy and the hyperlinks.  Crap.  I started playing around with power point and I realized that I could insert audio clips for each slide.  I did this but was disappointed that students would have to click on the picture of the megaphone in order to hear the audio.  But then I found that you can format it!  I was able to “hide” the megaphone and make it so that my recording would automatically start playing when the slide comes up.  I was even able to get the slides to automatically transition to the next slide without having to manually select the next slide!  I realized all of this at the eleventh hour after a few panicked emails to our professor (sorry!).

Here is my flipped lesson, Flipped Lesson – Renewable and Non-Renewable Resources, and here are the corresponding notes, Flipped Lesson notes.  The lesson is intended to offer a review before a new 6th grade science unit on Earth’s Resources.  VA SOL: Earth Resources 6.9 The student will investigate and understand public policy decisions relating to the environment. Key concepts include a)  management of renewable resources; b)  management of nonrenewable resources; c)  the mitigation of land-use and environmental hazards through preventive measures; and d)  cost/benefit tradeoffs in conservation policies.

I’d love any feedback that someone may have on ways that I can improve the lesson!  Until then, this is my best effort.

{UPDATE!! Directions on how to download and view the lesson would be helpful – especially for students.  The file will download once you click on the hyperlink.  Find the downloaded file and then click on it in order to open PowerPoint.  Then you need to go to “Slideshow” and select “Play from Start” in order for the audio to play and the slide transitions to work automatically.}


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  1. I like how you used power point. Loking at your post, I wish I had used it instead; I would have had more flexibility. LOVE Psy-he woke me up on this VERY tired morning!

    • Power point ended up being really user friendly! I had never really explored it before so I had no idea how easy it is and all of the different creative items that you can add. As annoying as “Gangnam Style” is, I love Psy’s moves 🙂

  2. What is the grade level for your unit? Just curious.

    The pictures you used in the PPT are great. The only issue I had was when I clicked on a picture too early and heard overlapping Chaelleys. Then I noticed your note about waiting until you finished. 🙂 So just user error.

  3. I liked your pictures, design, and content. Good use of color as well. My favorite pictures were the the car with the green plant growing out of it and the polar bear. Well done, Mrs. Z!

  4. This is a tough subject to teach. I like that you included notes for students. I agree with the others comments regarding your choice of images and pictures. I’m glad that you provided an update with instructions on downloading it so that the audio could be heard.

  5. Great job. I would recommend finding a better way to share your flipped lessons. Requiring the students to download content cause many issues (restrictions on their home computer, not Powerpoint program to run the file, slow internet, etc.). Also sharing your lesson this way does not make it mobile…can not view on an iPad or other mobile device. You can upload this PPT into a online resource called – http://www.slideboom.com/. This would prevent all the problems I mentioned.

    When I tried to download, it took 10 minutes and froze my computer. Once I unfroze my computer, I could not play the sound (even following your directions). Thankfully I have access to several computers, so I finally got it to work on my MAC. However, after 30 minutes of troubleshooting…I finally could hear the audio. It was wonderful and worth the wait:)

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