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Podcasts in the Classroom


I had heard of podcasts but I never really took the time to explore them and see what they’re all about.  I had always assumed that they were recorded audio shows available to listen to whenever you want.  Comedians make them, radio shows, and I’m sure several others that I’m just not aware of.  And then I learned that I would have to make a podcast for my Technology in the Classroom class.  Hmm…

I watched a few podcasts on the EdReach website and I learned that they are so much more than audio.  Each one was under five minutes.  Quick and painless!  The first one that I watched was on Night Zookeeper Drawing Torch.  Night Zookeeper combines storytelling with drawing.  Children also have to use their creativity by completing various missions.  It’s an app that parents and teachers can use and one that I need to explore a bit more because the podcast wasn’t all that informative.  What exactly are these missions?  Are they pre-established or can I create my own?

I think that podcasts have an absolute place in the classroom and they can be utilized as a personal learning tool for me.  While I don’t have a complete and full understanding of the Night Zookeeper Drawing Torch app, I may not have heard about it if I didn’t watch the podcast.  And they seem fairly easy to make: make a power point presentation and then record your voice for each slide.  I can use podcasts to deliver lessons or have students create a podcast for an assessment.  Just another techie tool to add to my toolbox!