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Flipped Lesson



I’ve finally finished my flipped lesson.  I had a lot of fun making it but I didn’t sit down and think it entirely through before I started making the flipped lesson.  This was really unlike me and I was really kicking myself the further that I got into the project.  I wanted to include some factors that would make my lesson a little more intriguing to sixth graders.  There’s a clip of Psy’s “Gangham Style,” some pictures that I think are funny, and hyperlinks to YouTube videos so that students can learn a little bit more about renewable resources.  I created the lesson in power point.

So then I open iMovie and I get ready to import the presentation when I realized that I would lose Psy and the hyperlinks.  Crap.  I started playing around with power point and I realized that I could insert audio clips for each slide.  I did this but was disappointed that students would have to click on the picture of the megaphone in order to hear the audio.  But then I found that you can format it!  I was able to “hide” the megaphone and make it so that my recording would automatically start playing when the slide comes up.  I was even able to get the slides to automatically transition to the next slide without having to manually select the next slide!  I realized all of this at the eleventh hour after a few panicked emails to our professor (sorry!).

Here is my flipped lesson, Flipped Lesson – Renewable and Non-Renewable Resources, and here are the corresponding notes, Flipped Lesson notes.  The lesson is intended to offer a review before a new 6th grade science unit on Earth’s Resources.  VA SOL: Earth Resources 6.9 The student will investigate and understand public policy decisions relating to the environment. Key concepts include a)  management of renewable resources; b)  management of nonrenewable resources; c)  the mitigation of land-use and environmental hazards through preventive measures; and d)  cost/benefit tradeoffs in conservation policies.

I’d love any feedback that someone may have on ways that I can improve the lesson!  Until then, this is my best effort.

{UPDATE!! Directions on how to download and view the lesson would be helpful – especially for students.  The file will download once you click on the hyperlink.  Find the downloaded file and then click on it in order to open PowerPoint.  Then you need to go to “Slideshow” and select “Play from Start” in order for the audio to play and the slide transitions to work automatically.}


Podcasts in the Classroom


I had heard of podcasts but I never really took the time to explore them and see what they’re all about.  I had always assumed that they were recorded audio shows available to listen to whenever you want.  Comedians make them, radio shows, and I’m sure several others that I’m just not aware of.  And then I learned that I would have to make a podcast for my Technology in the Classroom class.  Hmm…

I watched a few podcasts on the EdReach website and I learned that they are so much more than audio.  Each one was under five minutes.  Quick and painless!  The first one that I watched was on Night Zookeeper Drawing Torch.  Night Zookeeper combines storytelling with drawing.  Children also have to use their creativity by completing various missions.  It’s an app that parents and teachers can use and one that I need to explore a bit more because the podcast wasn’t all that informative.  What exactly are these missions?  Are they pre-established or can I create my own?

I think that podcasts have an absolute place in the classroom and they can be utilized as a personal learning tool for me.  While I don’t have a complete and full understanding of the Night Zookeeper Drawing Torch app, I may not have heard about it if I didn’t watch the podcast.  And they seem fairly easy to make: make a power point presentation and then record your voice for each slide.  I can use podcasts to deliver lessons or have students create a podcast for an assessment.  Just another techie tool to add to my toolbox!