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Flipped Lesson Take Two


My previous post about my experience making a flipped lesson talked about my lack of planning. My husband, a Marine Sergeant always says, “Poor planning promotes poor performance.” (There are a couple of p-letter adjectives thrown in there that I have chosen to leave out). Truer words couldn’t have been spoken in regards to my flipped lesson…

After receiving feedback, I have fixed the flipped lesson. The website was brought to my attention by our professor as a better way to share PowerPoint flipped lessons. It makes it more accessible and it should also be more user friendly (ie it shouldn’t make your computer freeze and you shouldn’t have to play with PowerPoint settings to get the audio to play).

So here is the flipped lesson. It’s the same except you lose the ability to watch Psy. Next step: learn how to embed videos…


Slurping Beauty


I had a lot of fun working on this digital story. It was really a group effort! Melissa gave us the great idea of “Slurping Beauty.” Robyn used her movie making talent. Laurie kept us on task. And Karen’s sounds effects are spot on. I can see why this would be a great learning activity for students.