The VA SOL that I chose is 6.9 Earth Resources:

The student will investigate and understand public policy decisions relating to the environment. Key concepts include

  1. a)  management of renewable resources;
  2. b)  management of nonrenewable resources;
  3. c)  the mitigation of land-use and environmental hazards through preventivemeasures; and
  4. d)  cost/benefit tradeoffs in conservation policies.

Students will be asked to watch a flipped lesson before Monday’s science class.  The flipped lesson will be a review of renewable and non-renewable sources of energy.  We would have covered energy in further detail earlier in the year (VA Science SOL 6.2).  Students can also download notes if they would like.

Flipped Lesson – Renewable and Non-Renewable Resources

Flipped Lesson notes


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  1. Nice power point Chaelly. I downloaded a copy for myself. I realize it is geared for the upper grades, however there is alot of useful info in there for 3rd grade as well! Great job.

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